Q & A

Q & A
Q:When will the next year’s course schedule be available?
A:You may expect to see the schedule in early March next year.
Q:May I register and pay for a course on-site?
A:We accept only online registration and prepayment.
Q:May I ask another person to attend the course for me?
A:During the registration period, you may transfer your paid seat to another person by emailing us (registration@nlac.narl.org.tw), or cancel the registration. You may receive 70% refund for the cancellation during the registration period; after it, we do not refund, as all materials for the course have been determined and prepared.
Q:When the registration is full, there is a “waiting” registration option. When will I know that I have been assigned a seat?
A:Please wait for us. We will inform you the latest a week before the event date.
Q:Will I receive a certificate at the end of a course?
A:You will receive a “proof of attendance” after you completed a course. However, if you are one hour late, leave one hour early, or do not sign in/out, we will not give you the proof document.
Q:May I receive the receipt before the course day? May I request to change the date shown on the receipt?
A:The receipt for the particular course will be issued on the course day. The amount and date shown on the receipt cannot be modified or changed.
Q:May I record the lecture?
A:No video, voice recorder, camera is allowed. Thank you for your cooperation.
Q:May I have a PDF copy of the handout?
A:The registered attendees will receive a handout booklet on the course day. We do not provide PDF handouts.
Q:Will there be a course in Central or Southern Taiwan?
A:We had offered courses in Central and Southern Taiwan in the past; the actual number of registrar did not show the significant demand of our courses in those regions. We currently do not consider to offer courses in those regions.
Q:Will you hold more practical courses?
A:We understand the need of attendees, and we will do our best to discuss with the lecturers to provide sufficient seats and sessions to fulfill the demand every year.

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